Nature-based Workshops

human's innate connection to nature inspires my lifestyle & artistic practice. nature provides a forgiving space in that it continues to be with us even as we explode with emotion. by just being with nature, humans can make connections that help them to feel accepted in the world.

you, the arts, & the natural world can work together. expressive arts is a practice that encourages holistic growth through creative expression. it emphasizes the natural process of art-making through image, movement, sound, word, and drama. it encourages the growth of health, spiritual well-being, and community connection.

through expressive arts & nature-based workshops, I aim to help you reconnect with the natural world. 

with children

children are able to connect with the natural world through art & play. with their unique curiosity and through their senses, they can engage with the earth in a way that helps them develop emotional resiliency, self-knowledge, & problem-solving. Nature & Families: A Journal, is an e-book that I created with families in mind. it is an invitation for adults & children to connect with the earth together.